Career Day of Computer Science Department UQAM

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You are an employer in the IT business and you need qualified people to push you company to the next level. This career day is the event you need. The numerous programs in computer science and software engineering give you access to more than 800 students to fill your needs of technological expertise for interns as for ready-to-go employees.

When and where

January 18, 2023 from 11h00 to 14h00

At the Coeur des sciences of the Pierre Danserau complex, UQAM

Programs followed by our students

The department proposes many specialized programs in software engineering. For software inception to maintenance. (French links)

For more specialized in circuits, electronic components and network management, those programs are also offered:

Exhibitors informations

The financial support of the UQAM computer science department

The standard package contains

  • One standard table (6 foots by 2.5 foots)
  • One table cover
  • A space on each side for your vertical banners
  • Some chairs for you and your colleagues
  • A lunch (1-2 included in standard fees)
  • A technical support for your setup
  • A continuous technical support for your participation (from now until the end)
  • A Wi-Fi internet access

The day of the event, you have access for you to set up your stand from 9h00 to 11h00 and from 14h00 until 17h00 to pack up.

Possibles options

You can also add, if you want

  • Get some parking spaces (20$ per spaces)
  • Add some colleagues (25$ per persons - mainly for the food)
  • Ask our team to manage some of your printing needs (ask for details).
  • Rolling board (25$ 6x4 foots, limited numbers)
  • Event panels (20$ 2x7 foots, limited numbers)


Once you have shown your interest, we reserve you a place and this is how it goes:

  1. Until the November 30 : You can prepare your communication package. This package contains the contacts of the key player for the event, your logo and a brief of your company that will be used in the event website to present the exhibitors.

  2. December 5 to December 9 : In the first week of December, we will contact you to take notes of your specifics technical needs for the event. Chairs, boards, cables, lights, anything out of the ordinary, you tell us and we will try to accommodate your branding needs to make you shine. A bill, depending on your needs will be sent to you in the week after by email.

  3. January 9, 2023 : Back from the Christmas break, we check out and confirm if your needs are the same as our dossiers and verify if any surprises have surfaces since the initial collections of your technical needs. If everything is alright, we will see you 9 days later. If not, we will find solutions.

  4. January 18, 2023 : Finally, the day. At 9h00, we are able to help you set up your stand. Coffee, some muffins and croissant are there to give us energy. At 11h00, everything is set up, we are ready to roll, and students are starting to arrive.

  5. January 18, 2023 : 14h00, we let the last students exchange their info, but it is already over. Until 17h00, we clean up, we collect the payments and make a post-mortem with the exhibitor.


For administrative reasons, only checks are accepted. The check must be made to the order of "UQAM" and in the "for" section, write "Journée Carrière Dep Info."

At the end of the event, the coordinators will pass to each stands to take the complete and final payment billed at the official inscription.

For any question

Reserve your place

Département d'informatique

Le département d'informatique compte près de quarante professeur.e.s qui oeuvrent dans divers domaines, tant en enseignement qu'en recherche. De nos jours, l'informatique occupe une place importante dans notre société. L'informatique est devenue plus accessible par l'abondance de logiciels et de systèmes de plus en plus faciles à utiliser. Ceux-ci sont conçus selon des techniques et des approches variées. Nos professeur.e.s travaillent sur ces techniques et approches au sein de nos unités de recherche et les enseignent à nos étudiant.e.s dans les programmes de premier cycle et de cycles supérieurs.



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